The Distillery District east of Downtown Toronto Ontario

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The Distillery District  east of Downtown Toronto  Ontario

The Distillery District is located in east of Downtown Toronto in Ontario. It is the historic and entertainment precinct. It contains number of restaurants, cafes, and shops within the heritage buildings of the Worts Distillery. This district is having 13 acres of area that having about 45 heritage buildings and 11 streets and it is the largest collection of Victorian-era architecture. It was designated as National Historic Site of Canada in 1988.

It was the largest distillery in the world in the 1860 and was founded in 1832. It once provides over two million US gallons of whiskey for export on the world market. But later this becomes the development of past. After the economic recession in 90s, it cannot be revitalized and the site awaited redevelopment and reinvestment. But, its unique design and architecture attracts attentions of tourists and filmmakers. This site has been the part of about 800 films and television productions.

In 2001, this site was purchased by Cityscape Holdings Inc., that transformed this area into a district with street scraps and integration of arts, culture and entertainment. In 2003, it was reopened to the public. The majority of the buildings are occupied by unique art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, jewelry stores, and microbrewery. The upper floors of the buildings were given to the artists as a studio space. There is the Young Center for the Performing Arts.

The main feature of the district is its traditional brick-paves streets and lanes that are opened for cyclists and pedestrians. There are several large sculptures installed along the lanes. And, other landmark is the chimney stack atop the Boiler House complex. There are public places where pedestrians can rest and relax. And, many other places to enjoy like cafes and restaurants.

One of the widest streets in the district is Trinity Street, that act as a public square where events and important functions took place.

Today the Distillery District has been brought into the modern era, it is the mix of development and utilization. It is the part of tourist attractions and enjoyment.

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