Things You Know About Online Marketing - But Forgot

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Things You Know About Online Marketing - But Forgot

Marrying the art and science of online marketing with strategy SELLS. Buying expensive tracking is not going to make your online marketing better - How you use it to understand your analytics is what helps us improve, learn, leverage success, etc. Go back to marketing 101 - who is your target audience, what is your GOAL, what are success criteria, what tools can support you, how will you track/optimize ???

Go back to your web analytics and review the sources of your traffic, leads and sales. Look at the numbers, and take the extra step to understand all the variables that influence those numbers. Create a baseline report that you review at least monthly and go one step further and map out your observations, recommendations, optimizations and new channel ideas.

Web Marketing Therapy Advice: There are multiple ways to treat marketing goals. Treat your professional cause (purpose!), don't just band-aid symptoms.

Online Marketing is a Commitment

Blogs do not run themselves and analytics on your website do not magically optimize marketing...people make online marketing matter if they commit to the process. Online marketing tools, campaigns, strategy, etc require constant attention, optimization, analysis, management and effort.

Put your marketing energy into efforts that count. Your analytics will help you prioritize. Do your email campaigns = sales? (or do they eat up a bunch of time with no return)? Leverage what works, optimize what doesn't. Create campaigns, execute and monitor. Rinse,'s an ongoing process.

Web Marketing Therapy Advice: Online Marketing is the most lucrative medium because if things don't fly, you can say goodbye. It's OK to break up and see other people.

More Web Marketing Therapy Advice: Date first before you get married...don't get into contractual agreements you can't get out of. Start small with tests; you don't have to dive in head first!!

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