Innovative Tools For Interactive Content

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Innovative Tools For Interactive Content

If one takes an instant look in the future of content marketing with the help of the crystal ball of business, what would he see? On the basis of the research done on content marketing so far, it is crystal clear that the future of content marketing would be less on the impact of words and more about the engagement and experience it offers to the reader or in terms of business consumers.

If one sees the internet, the traditional approach of content marketing has become stale. To be honest the stale method of content writing has flooded the internet world.

It is the basic nature or behaviour of today’s consumer to move on to the next article or anything new within seconds of skimming an article or any website content.

Companies are coming to terms of admitting this sad reality. They have started to work on different tools that ensure customer engagement. Today the businesses really need to know that unless the audience relates or most importantly engages with the content of the website, the success of brand is difficult, mostly impossible.

To capture the attention of the reader is a challenge. To get necessary feedback or response is even tougher. The companies have started to use few tools that promise to engross the socks off the reader of any business.

Mostly the reader does to stick on a page that offers interactive content such as quizzes, tests and puzzles. It keeps the customer hooked. With the help of this content the businesses can ensure commitment of the audience.

The participants can share their results and feedback with other users or visitors as well. The businesses offer various modes of engagement to the audience so that they can give their feedback or comments such as surveys, polls, personality test and more. With such tools, businesses can shape their content with the experiences of the readers.

There are dozens of examples with which one can understand the importance of interactive content. Brands sponsor contests where they invite the customers to submit creative ideas for brand improvement. The results of the polls are evaluated and the winner is announced.

Such quizzes get dozens of response and the ultimate goal of marketing the brand gets appreciated and successful. Food brands such as Frito-Lay and Maggi has used this tool time and again. They keep asking the consumers to create a new flavour that can be materialised as a new product.

The companies also use visual advertisements to create brand success. They make commercials that offer valuable information. They educate the viewers. This drive persuades the viewers to open the website to get further information on the brand.

The best example would be the sale that various online shopping stores offer. Stores like Myntra and Flipkart release ads that provokes the viewers to open the site. They encourage them to shop more.

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